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I love recording vocals, whether it be background or lead.  With years of vocal technique study (in both opera and pop) I have all the tools at my disposal (including a home studio) to give you what you need, whether it be high note belting, low soothing tones, rapping or vocals in French or Chinese.  In addition I love composing and laying down rich backing vocal beds, no skimping here, each backing part gets 4 takes!  Check out some examples of my vocal work below. 

VocalistReel-V2Ava King
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Ava's Vocal Reel

This is what I sound like!

Panda Express Ad

Magic Moment

Panda Express hired the amazing company Music and Strategy who then found and auditioned me for both the song vocals and my first TV voice-over gig!

Services offered:

Lead Recording

Record a lead a few different styles including pop, trap, rap and opera.

Backing arrangement

Recording and arranging backing vocals.

Lead + Backing Vocals

Lead and Backing vocals including the arrangement 

Vintage Records
Spinning Record

Rough pricing above, for a specific quote or if you have a question, feel free to get in touch :)

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